Top 8 Local Coffee Shops In Tulsa and What to Order

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Top 8 Local Coffee Shops In Tulsa and What to Order

What Are the Top Local Coffee Shops In the Tulsa Area?

I’ve lived in Tulsa all my life, so I know that the coffee scene in Tulsa is truly unique. Recently, I wondered which shops, among the many to choose from, have the most distinctive personalities and consistently serve the best coffee and tea. So, I set out to visit a variety of coffee shops in the Tulsa area, gathering information about each one’s unique charm as well as their most popular and specialized drinks. So, what are the top local coffee shops in Tulsa and what should you order from each one?

With my research, I compiled a list of the 8 top local coffee houses in Tulsa that I think every Tulsan and tourist alike should visit:

  • Coffee House on Cherry Street
  • Shades of Brown Coffee & Art
  • Triangle Coffee
  • Cirque
  • Notion
  • Topeca Coffee Roasters
  • 918 Coffee
  • Laurennea

If you’re a coffee or tea lover looking to explore the local coffee scene, here are the eight top local coffee shops in Tulsa (in no particular order) and what I recommend that you should order from each one.

1. Coffee House on Cherry Street

Located in the heart of the historic Cherry Street district, Coffee House on Cherry Street, referred to locally as “CHOCS,” has been a popular coffee destination since 1995. What makes this coffee shop unique? The coffee house is known for its cozy, warm atmosphere and friendly staff. Customers can choose from a large variety of coffee and tea drinks. As well as many baked goods and breakfast and lunch items such as sandwiches and quiche. Coffee House on Cherry Street also regularly hosts open mic nights, giving local musicians a chance to shine and customers a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

What to Order

Try one of the specialty drinks from CHOCS. I recommend the Drunken Chipmunk, a latte flavored with a blend of vanilla, hazelnut, and Irish cream. For something lighter, try the Turmeric Chai Tea Latte, a combination of their house-made golden chai blend and your choice of steamed milk.

CHOCS Top Local Coffee Shops In Tulsa

2. Shades of Brown Coffee & Art

Shades of Brown is a funky, eclectic coffee shop in the Brookside District that has been serving Tulsa since 1989, making it one of the most historic coffee shops in town. The shop features a rotating selection of local artwork and pottery, as well as loads of comfy vintage furniture and live plants. You will often find old friends meeting here to catch up, student groups studying, or creative professionals working. Shades of Brown is also committed to using sustainable and locally sourced ingredients in its food and drinks.

What to Order

The Cardigan Bee, playfully known as “Cardi B,” is a popular choice at Shades of Brown. It combines cardamom, oat milk, honey, and orange zest with a shot of espresso. This drink can be served hot or cold. For something softer, try the Tea Fog, your choice of tea with your choice of milk (I recommend oat milk).

3. Triangle Coffee

Triangle is a modern coffee shop in the heart of downtown Tulsa, known for its minimalist design and innovative drinks. The shop is committed to sustainability and sources its beans from fair-trade importers and roasts its beans locally in small batches with zero emissions. That said, Triangle offers a constantly rotating selection of single-origin coffees made with its specialty beans. The shop also offers a variety of food options, including breakfast burritos, pastries, pies, and salads.

What to Order

Try the Triangle’s Leaf Pile. This drink is a unique mix of the shop’s signature constellations espresso blend, your choice of milk, salted caramel, and house-made sage simple syrup. For something different, I recommend their take on the classic Old Fashioned, the Apple Butter “Cold” Fashioned. The drink is made with Triangle’s smooth and creamy 18-hour cold brew coffee combined with apple cider, apple butter, bitters, orange peel, maraschino cherries, and grenadine.

4. Cirque

Located just outside of downtown Tulsa, Cirque is a sleek, stylish coffee shop known for its Instagram-worthy interior. As well as its laid-back staff and fun atmosphere. The shop offers a variety of unique coffee and tea drinks, and also doubles as a bar in the evenings, making it a great two-for-one option for both locals and tourists. In addition, Cirque is a fantastic place to work or meet thanks to its large variety of seating options, skillfully laid out for optimal impact.

What to Order

The Mocha Latte is a must-try at Cirque! This drink combines their signature Weirdo espresso, steamed milk, single-origin KYYA chocolate, and bourbon vanilla. They stand by the fact that this drink is “probably the best mocha that you’ll ever have.” For a lower caffeine option, try the Laoshan Green Tea which has flavor notes of matcha, sweetgrass, minerality, melon, and vanilla.

Cirque Top Local Coffee Shops In Tulsa

5. Notion

Notion is a hip, artistic coffee shop located in the heart of Tulsa’s East Village. Known for its minimalist design and large, spacious shop. Fun fact: it is actually underground! The shop offers a diverse selection of coffee and tea options, as well as unique food items like avocado toast, healthy snacks, and vegan baked goods. Notion also hosts a variety of events and pop-up shops throughout the year, thanks to its appealing open layout and art gallery-like space.

What to Order

A popular choice at Notion is the Honey Cinnamon Bliss Latte, made with Notion’s signature house-blend of cinnamon and honey syrup. I highly recommend this drink, hot or cold. For something brighter, try the Espresso Citrus Tonic, a cold drink made with espresso, sparkling water, and hints of orange, lemon, and lime.

6. Topeca Coffee Roasters

With three locations across downtown Tulsa and one more in Tulsa’s International Airport, this rich and inviting coffee shop is a great spot to work or catch up with friends anywhere in Tulsa. What’s more, Topeca Coffee Roasters is arguably the most successful coffee company in the area. This is given that they not only have multiple locations, but they locally roast, package, and distribute their coffee beans to other coffee shops in town. As well as Reasors and other grocery stores locally. The taste of Topeca coffee is a favorite, winning the company multiple competitions across the years. Most recently, they competed for and won the award for U.S. Roasting Champion. Their winning flavor is due to a combination of sourcing from specialized farms in El Salvador and roasting the beans to perfection right here in Tulsa.

What to Order

The simple but impactful Vanilla Latte is a popular choice at Topeca. This drink combines rich vanilla syrup and their locally-roasted espresso, served with your choice of milk. For something darker, try the espresso alone, given that Topeca is known for the complex flavors of its coffee beans. Or, order the Cortado for a perfectly balanced blend of rich espresso and steamed milk.

topeca local Coffee Shop In Tulsa

7. 918 Coffee 

Located right off of Oklahoma’s historic Route 66, 918 Coffee is named after the area code for Tulsa, “918.” This coffee house is a favorite spot for students, given that it is within a few miles of the University of Tulsa. 918 is uniquely decorated with vintage items, offers a large stack of card games and board games, and has plenty of large tables, perfect for playing games or for a study group. They offer a variety of coffee, tea, smoothie, and food options. Including house-made sandwiches toasted on Farrell Family Bread, a local bread company. 918 Coffee also doubles as a bar and offers its own specialty alcoholic drinks. As well as craft beer from Tulsa breweries.

What to Order

I recommend their YAMA Cold Brewed Iced Coffee. This cold brew is Asian style, a slow ice drip made with blonde coffee that is fragrant and bright. People come from afar for this specialty Cold Brew. For something cozier, try the Flat White, made with espresso and micro-foamed milk for a warm, welcoming flavor.

918 Coffee shop in tulsa

8. Laurannae

Laurannae is a friendly, boho-inspired coffee shop in the Rose District of Broken Arrow, a suburb just outside of Tulsa proper. The shop is known for its natural light, hanging art installations, beautiful patio, and welcoming vibe. Laurannae offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks and light breakfast and lunch options. As well as an in-house bakery (with gluten-free options!) where they even create custom cakes for weddings and events. The coffee shop also features a rotating selection of local artists’ work, hosts regular community events, and is very family-oriented.

What to Order

The Lavender Honey Latte is a trendy choice at Laurannea, combining local honey and espresso with a hint of lavender syrup. For something lighter, try the Blueberry Matcha Latte, made with matcha, steamed milk, and blueberry syrup for a fresh, comforting flavor. Both of these drinks can be served hot or cold, making them year-round favorites.

In Closing

In conclusion, I hope that this list of the top local coffee shops in Tulsa and what to order at them was helpful and you now know that Tulsa has no shortage of fantastic coffee shops, each with its unique drinks and atmosphere. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a cozy place to study or catch up with friends, there’s a coffee shop for everyone in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just remember to be mindful of its potential impact on our dental health and to practice good oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing regularly, visiting your local dentist, and using a straw when drinking coffee, we can enjoy our coffee without compromising our bright, healthy smiles. It’s also important to note that the caffeine in coffee can help prevent gum disease due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks for reading!