Top 10 Things To See At The Tulsa Zoo

Top 10 Things To See At The Tulsa Zoo

Top 10 Things To See At The Tulsa Zoo

What Are the Top 10 Things to See At the Tulsa Zoo?

The Tulsa Zoo in Oklahoma is one of the most popular attractions in the area, and it has a wide variety of animals and exhibits that are sure to delight both adults and children. This amazing zoo features animals from all around the world, from Africa to Asia to North America, and more. From lush tropical gardens to majestic giraffes, there’s something for everyone at this beloved zoo. The Tulsa Zoo also offers interactive educational experiences with live animal shows and presentations throughout the day, perfect to experience with family or friends. I believe that no visit to Tulsa is complete without a stop at the Tulsa Zoo! So, what are the top 10 things to see at the Tulsa Zoo? With there being so many options to choose from, let’s explore the top ten things to see at the Tulsa Zoo!

1. Tropical Rainforest Exhibit

This lush and vibrant exhibit features hundreds of exotic species from around the world, including animals like tree frogs, macaws, and iguanas. As you wander through the rainforest, it’s easy to forget you are still in Oklahoma! The tropical rainforest environment is made even more authentic with its trickling streams and cascading waterfalls. Don’t forget to look up! You just might catch a glimpse of an exotic butterfly or colorful macaw as soars gracefully through the trees! In addition to its stunning array of wildlife, the Tropical Rainforest exhibit also offers educational activities and presentations for visitors of all ages. You can learn about how the rainforest ecosystems work and what species are threatened by deforestation and the importance of recycling plastic, water conservation, and other environmental services – important conversations we should all be having in our rapidly changing world.

Things To See At The Tulsa Zoo rainforest

2. Giraffe Feeding Platform

At the Giraffe Feeding Platform, visitors can purchase a bag of food and then experience firsthand the joy of hand-feeding these gentle giants from just feet away. The platform is set up with special signs that explain how to safely feed the giraffes so everyone gets an enjoyable experience no matter their age! The Giraffe exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo is a great way for visitors to get up close with these amazing animals and learn more about them in the process. The platform features two feeding stations, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to feed their own group of giraffes. During the summer months, you can even bring your own lunch and enjoy it while watching the giraffes eat. Just make sure to keep your food away from them!

3. African Plains Exhibit

The Tulsa Zoo is home to a fantastic African Plains exhibit, offering visitors a chance to experience the wildlife of the Great Serengeti. This sprawling collection of life-like habitats features some of Africa’s most stunning animals and mesmerizing landscapes. From majestic lions and cheetahs lounging around rocky outcroppings, to playful gazelles grazing on grassy hillsides, there’s something for everyone at the Tulsa Zoo’s African Plains exhibit. The exhibit’s highlight is the Savannah, where guests can catch a glimpse of wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, rhinos, and more grazing in their natural habitat.

4. Chimpanzee Connection Exhibit

The purpose of the Chimpanzee Connection Exhibit is to provide visitors with a glimpse into the lives of our closest relatives. As well as show them just how human-like these primates truly are. From trees swaying overhead that mimic Africa to a network of ropes that stretch between platforms so they can swing from place to place. The Chimpanzee Connection exhibit has been designed with every detail in mind. Visitors are invited to view these intelligent animals as they traverse their habitat. As well as interact with each other in ways that have never been seen before. Visitors can also explore interactive stations throughout the exhibit. These stations provide educational information about chimpanzee communication, social behavior, nutrition, and more.

5. Life in the Desert Exhibit

This exciting exhibit takes visitors on a journey across the desert biome, showcasing some of its most beloved inhabitants. From large mammals to smaller creatures such as lizards and snakes, there’s something here for everyone. Visitors can explore three distinctly different habitats within the Life in the Desert Exhibit: a North American desert, a South American desert, and an Australian landscape. Each habitat has its own unique flora and fauna that have been carefully selected to create an immersive experience that brings alive the beauty of the area. Within each environment, you will find a variety of animals living both above and below ground. Guests can explore these live exhibits, where they can observe the animals in their natural habitat up close.

6. Sea Lion Show

Held daily in the zoo’s Sea Lion Cove, the show features several sea lions that have been trained to perform a variety of tricks. Including tricks such as balancing balls on their noses, catching fish from the air, and even jumping through hoops. Sea lions are incredibly intelligent animals that can learn new behaviors quickly, making them perfect candidates for the show. The real stars of the show are without a doubt two California sea lion siblings who have been at the Tulsa Zoo for many years. They never fail to bring a smile to visitors’ faces with their playful antics and amazing feats of strength. The two share an undeniable bond that can be seen as they interact. At the end of each performance, guests are invited to come down to the sea lion exhibit and learn more about these amazing animals.

7. Penguin Exhibit

This exhibit showcases one of the world’s most beloved birds: the African penguin. Visitors to the Tulsa Zoo are treated to an up-close and personal experience with these enchanting creatures as they swim, dive, and play in their natural habitat. At nearly two stories tall, this impressive enclosure offers guests a view unlike any other. The walls are lined with windows that allow visitors to peer into the watery depths where African penguins live. Guests can get as close as 10 feet away from these magnificent birds while they swim around and explore their surroundings.

Even though observing these animals from behind glass can feel like a different world, the Tulsa Zoo does an excellent job of making the exhibit interactive and enjoyable for all. In addition to providing guests with an incredible view of these creatures in their natural environment, the African Penguin exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo also offers educational opportunities. This is a great chance for people to learn more about the importance of protecting endangered species while having fun at the same time.

8. Children’s Zoo

This interactive area offers visitors a chance to get up close and personal with some of the zoo’s animals in an engaging and educational environment. The Children’s Zoo boasts many different species of animals, including goats, sheep, llamas, donkeys, and more. Parents can bring their children into many of the enclosures for an interactive “petting zoo” experience. This experience allows them to learn about different animal breeds. While also getting a chance to feed them tasty treats. Aside from animals, the Children’s Zoo also features a variety of other exhibits and activities to keep kids entertained. On top of this, there is also a large playground with plenty of slides, swings, tunnels, and more.

9. Asian Elephant Exhibit

The Tulsa Zoo is home to a spectacular and expansive Asian Elephant exhibit. Located near the front of the park, it’s one of the most iconic animal attractions that the zoo has to offer. Visitors can observe elephants as they roam around their habitat. Which includes lush grassy areas and a large pool for them to cool off. The special environment gives visitors an up-close look at these majestic creatures, including their behavior, communication, and social interactions. Guests also have access to educational displays about elephant conservation efforts across Asia. The best way to explore the exhibit is by taking advantage of its interactive activities. These activities are designed to provide insight into the habits and habitats of these beautiful animals.

10. Safari Train

The Safari Train is one of the most popular attractions at the Tulsa Zoo. Aboard this classic locomotive, passengers can take a leisurely ride around the park to view some of its many animals and exhibits such as the flamingos and the conservation center. The train runs on a 1/2 mile track that takes visitors through several different habitats while they learn about the animals living there.

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The Safari Train is a perfect way for families to enjoy their visit to the zoo. Kids will love watching all of the animals up close and adults can relax knowing that they are in good hands. As you ride by various enclosures, your conductor will provide fun facts about each animal so you can get an even more enjoyable experience out of your journey. The Safari Train carries passengers of all ages and is wheelchair accessible as well. Passengers are also welcome to bring their own food, drinks, coffee, and snacks on board to enjoy during the ride!

In Closing

What are you waiting for? Bring your family down to the Tulsa Zoo and experience a day full of adventure and exploration! With so many exciting attractions, you’ll never forget your visit to this Oklahoma gem. Thanks for reading!