Top 10 Pumpkin Patches in Tulsa

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Top 10 Pumpkin Patches in Tulsa



As the seasons change and autumn paints Tulsa in warm and vibrant hues, there’s no better way to embrace the spirit of fall than by visiting the top pumpkin patches in the area. From Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch to Pumpkin Town Farms, these patches offer more than just a place to pick out your favorite pumpkin. They are gateways to a world of fall adventures, family bonding, and cherished memories. This guide will walk you through the very best pumpkin patches Tulsa has to offer, ensuring that your autumn is filled with the kind of joy and wonder that only this season can bring.


While these pumpkin patches might differ in terms of attractions and activities, they all have one thing in common – they capture the essence of fall, making it easy for everyone to embrace the changing of the seasons. So, let’s embark on a journey through these wonderful patches, ensuring that your autumn is nothing short of magical.


  1. Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch


carmichaels pumpkin patch


If you’re seeking the ultimate pumpkin-picking adventure, Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch is the place to be. This family-owned farm offers acres of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, along with a corn maze and petting zoo. Don’t forget to try their famous pumpkin pie!


  1. Pumpkin Town Farms

Pumpkin Town Farms is a local gem where you’ll find more than just pumpkins. They boast an assortment of activities for kids, such as hayrides, pony rides, and a thrilling pumpkin cannon show. It’s the perfect spot for a family day out.


  1. Pumpkin Patch at Shepherd’s Cross

Nestled in the picturesque Osage Hills, the Pumpkin Patch at Shepherd’s Cross is a serene escape. Here, you can pick your favorite pumpkins while enjoying the stunning autumn scenery. This patch offers a true rustic experience.


  1. The Patch

With locations in Sand Springs and Glenpool, The Patch is a one-stop destination for fall fun. This pumpkin patch features pumpkin picking, hayrides, and a fantastic corn maze. The friendly staff and festive atmosphere make it a local favorite.


  1. Pumpkin Patch for Mission

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Pumpkin Patch for Mission is a community-focused pumpkin patch in Owasso where all proceeds go to a good cause. Besides picking pumpkins, you can also enjoy games, crafts, and snacks. It’s heartwarming to know you’re supporting a mission while having fun.


  1. Livesay Orchards

Livesay Orchards is renowned for its apple orchards, but they also offer an exceptional pumpkin-picking experience. Visit to explore their pumpkin fields and savor fresh apple cider and delicious apple treats while you are there.


  1. Pleasant Valley Farms

Pleasant Valley Farms is your go-to place for a fall adventure. Along with pumpkin picking, they offer a charming country store and delightful farm animals to interact with. It’s an excellent spot for families.


  1. The Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Patch

Located in Bartlesville, The Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Patch is all about traditional fall experiences. From pumpkin decorating to tractor-drawn hayrides, they’ve got it all. This is where you can enjoy the simple joys of the season.


  1. Tulsa Botanic Garden

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The Tulsa Botanic Garden combines the beauty of nature with the festivity of the season. Stroll through stunning gardens and pick your pumpkin. It’s a unique and serene way to celebrate fall.


  1. Oklahoma Heritage Farm Annual Fall Festival

The Oklahoma Heritage Farm Annual Fall Festival in Ramona, OK is a grand celebration of autumn. With carnival games, food trucks, and a pumpkin patch, it’s a festival you won’t want to miss.


What to Consider When Visiting a Pumpkin Patch


Before you embark on your pumpkin-picking adventure at one of Tulsa’s top patches, it’s essential to consider a few key factors to ensure your visit is enjoyable and hassle-free. Here are some important things to keep in mind:


  1. Check Opening Dates and Hours

Pumpkin patches typically have specific opening and closing dates during the fall season. Before heading out, confirm the patch’s schedule to ensure it’s open when you plan to visit. Additionally, be mindful of their operating hours as they can vary between weekdays and weekends.


  1. Admission and Costs

Most pumpkin patches charge admission fees, which may include access to various activities and attractions. Be sure to check the pricing in advance and whether it includes any extras like corn mazes, hayrides, or petting zoos. Some patches might offer discounts for children, seniors, or military personnel, so inquire about these options as well.


  1. Dress Accordingly

Fall weather can be unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to dress in layers. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes suitable for walking in fields or participating in activities. Don’t forget to bring hats and sunscreen during the day, and jackets for cooler evenings.


  1. Pets and Policies

While some pumpkin patches are pet-friendly, many do not allow animals. It’s crucial to confirm their pet policy before bringing your furry friends along. For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, patches that do permit pets often have specific rules to follow.


  1. Food and Refreshments

Before you go, consider whether the pumpkin patch offers food and drinks. Many patches have concession stands or food trucks, making it convenient for visitors to grab a snack or a warm drink. If not, you might want to bring your own refreshments.


  1. Farm Etiquette

Pumpkin patches are often located on working farms, and it’s essential to respect the property and its surroundings. Stay on designated paths, pick only the pumpkins intended for sale, and follow any rules or guidelines provided by the staff. Remember, you’re visiting someone’s livelihood, and good etiquette goes a long way.


  1. Check for Special Events

Some pumpkin patches host special events, like pumpkin carving contests, live music, or themed weekends. These events can add extra fun to your visit, so keep an eye on the patch’s website or social media for any upcoming activities.


  1. Make Reservations (If Necessary)

While many pumpkin patches don’t require reservations, some might during peak weekends. It’s a good idea to check their website or contact them in advance to ensure there are no reservation requirements.


By considering these factors, you can make the most of your trip to a pumpkin patch in Tulsa. Remember that each patch is unique, so exploring these details will help you plan a memorable and enjoyable autumn adventure.


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Q: Can I bring my pet to these pumpkin patches?

A: Most pumpkin patches do not allow pets, so it’s best to leave them at home.


Q: What’s the best time to visit these patches?

A: Weekdays are generally less crowded, but weekends offer more activities and events.


Q: Do I need to make a reservation?

A: Reservations are typically not required, but it’s a good idea to check the patch’s website for any specific guidelines.


Q: Are these pumpkin patches affordable?

A: Most patches have reasonable admission fees, making them accessible for all budgets.


Q: What should I wear when visiting these patches?

A: Dress comfortably, preferably in layers, and wear sturdy shoes for walking in the fields and exploring activities.


Q: Can I bring my own snacks?

A: While some patches offer food and snacks, you can generally bring your own as well.




As the crisp air of fall fills Tulsa, and the leaves begin to don their autumnal colors, it’s time to reflect on the joy and memories created in the top pumpkin patches of the city. The experience of visiting Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Town Farms, Pumpkin Patch at Shepherd’s Cross, and the others on our list is more than just picking out a pumpkin. It’s a journey that takes you through the heart of fall’s finest moments, with hayrides, corn mazes, and the warm scent of pumpkin pie guiding your way.


So, as we bid adieu to another fall season, let’s not forget the magic of pumpkin patches. These places are not just fields of orange spheres; they are the keepers of autumn’s spirit, the bearers of memories, and the providers of endless fun. The top 10 pumpkin patches in Tulsa have once again opened their doors, and we can’t wait to see what memories you’ll create. So, gather your family and friends, head out to one of these fantastic patches, and let the spirit of fall embrace you fully.