10 Best Tulsa Breweries

try these 10 best breweries in Tulsa

10 Best Tulsa Breweries

You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These 10 Best Breweries In Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma, has emerged as a vibrant hub for craft beer enthusiasts. With its flourishing brewing scene, the city offers a diverse selection of breweries that cater to all tastes. In this article, we will explore the top ten breweries in Tulsa, showcasing their unique offerings, delightful brews, and inviting atmospheres. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this list of the 10 best Tulsa breweries will guide you to the best places to enjoy a pint!

High Gravity Brewing Company

High Gravity Brewing Company is a haven for beer enthusiasts who appreciate a wide variety of craft beers. With an extensive tap list featuring both local and international brews, High Gravity offers a unique experience for every palate. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you navigate through the diverse selection, ensuring you find the perfect beer to suit your taste.

Eerie Abbey Ales

Eerie Abbey Ales is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Tulsa’s East Village. This small-batch brewery focuses on Belgian-style ales, delivering rich and complex flavors. The intimate and cozy taproom provides the perfect setting to enjoy their meticulously crafted beers. Whether you’re a fan of Trappist-style ales or experimental brews, Eerie Abbey Ales is sure to impress.

try these 10 best breweries in Tulsa

Nothing’s Left Brewing Co.

At Nothing’s Left Brewing Co., you’ll find a passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. This innovative brewery takes pride in creating unique and unexpected flavor combinations that excite the taste buds. From their flagship IPAs to their barrel-aged sours, Nothing’s Left Brewing Co. promises an unforgettable drinking experience.

Marshall Brewing Company Tap Room

Marshall Brewing Company Tap Room is a beloved establishment that has been a cornerstone of Tulsa’s craft beer scene for years. Known for their commitment to quality and consistency, Marshall Brewing Company offers a diverse range of classic beer styles. Whether you prefer a crisp lager or a robust stout, you can always count on Marshall Brewing Company for exceptional brews.

Cabin Boys Brewery

Cabin Boys Brewery takes inspiration from the seafaring lore of Tulsa’s past and crafts beers that pay homage to that heritage. Their nautically themed taproom is a welcoming space to enjoy their thoughtfully brewed beers. With a focus on traditional European styles and an experimental twist, Cabin Boys Brewery delights beer enthusiasts with their well-balanced and flavorful offerings.

Welltown Brewing

Located in the historic Archer Building, Welltown Brewing captures the spirit of Tulsa with its locally inspired beers. They source ingredients from nearby farms and incorporate them into their brews, resulting in uniquely Oklahoman flavors. From their refreshing wheat beers to their bold and hoppy ales, Welltown Brewing showcases the best of the region in every sip.

try these top 10 breweries in Tulsa

Heirloom Rustic Ales

Heirloom Rustic Ales is a brewery that combines the artistry of brewing with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients. With an emphasis on farmhouse-style ales and barrel-aged beers, Heirloom Rustic Ales offers a distinct and ever-changing lineup. Their taproom provides a cozy and inviting space to savor their carefully crafted brews.

Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing

Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing is known for its bold and adventurous beers that push the boundaries of flavor. From their hazy IPAs to their rich stouts, Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing consistently delivers exciting and innovative brews. Their taproom is a lively gathering place where beer enthusiasts can enjoy their inventive creations.

American Solera

American Solera is a renowned brewery that has garnered international acclaim for its exceptional sour and wild ales. With a focus on barrel aging and blending techniques, American Solera creates complex and nuanced beers that are sure to captivate the most discerning palate. Their taproom offers an intimate and relaxed environment to enjoy their world-class brews.

Renaissance Brewing Co.

Renaissance Brewing Co. embraces the spirit of creativity by brewing unique and imaginative beers. From their fruit-infused ales to their experimental hop blends, Renaissance Brewing Co. continuously surprises and delights beer enthusiasts. Their welcoming taproom is the perfect place to try their inventive brews while enjoying the company of fellow beer lovers.

What To Expect When Visiting One Of The 10 Best Tulsa Breweries

When visiting a Tulsa brewery, you can expect a memorable and enriching experience centered around exceptional beer. Tulsa breweries offer a wide range of brews to cater to every palate, from traditional styles to innovative and experimental creations. The breweries pride themselves on quality and craftsmanship, using premium ingredients and meticulous brewing techniques to deliver beers of outstanding flavor and character. Alongside the impressive beer selection, you can anticipate a warm and inviting atmosphere, where fellow beer enthusiasts gather to share their love for the craft. Knowledgeable staff members are ready to guide you through the menu, offering recommendations and insights to enhance your tasting journey.

Many breweries also provide opportunities for brewery tours, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the brewing process and the passion that goes into every pint. Additionally, Tulsa breweries often engage with the local community through collaborations, events, and fundraisers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and giving back to the city they call home.

What Makes Tulsa Breweries Unique?

Tulsa breweries possess a unique charm that sets them apart from other beer destinations. What makes Tulsa breweries truly special is their commitment to creativity and innovation in brewing. Each brewery showcases its distinctive style, offering a diverse array of beers that cater to various tastes and preferences. From the bold and adventurous creations at Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing to the rustic and farmhouse-inspired ales at Heirloom Rustic Ales, Tulsa breweries embrace experimentation and push the boundaries of flavor.

Moreover, many of these breweries incorporate local ingredients and collaborate with neighboring businesses, resulting in beers that reflect the region’s rich culinary heritage. The welcoming and community-focused nature of Tulsa’s breweries also contributes to their uniqueness. Visitors are met with warm hospitality, knowledgeable staff, and a genuine passion for craft beer. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the breweries of Tulsa offers an opportunity to discover exceptional brews, connect with the vibrant beer community, and witness firsthand the city’s flourishing beer culture.

try one of these 10 best breweries in Tulsa

Why A Visit To A Tulsa Brewery Is A Fun Activity

A visit to one of these ten best Tulsa breweries is fun because it offers a unique and immersive experience for beer enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. From the moment you step into a brewery, you are enveloped in the enticing aromas of malt and hops, and the lively atmosphere brimming with laughter and conversations. The taproom or beer garden becomes a social hub, where people gather to enjoy craft beers and engage in conversations about flavors, brewing techniques, and their shared love for beer. The opportunity to taste a diverse range of beers, from classic styles to experimental brews, allows for exploration and discovery.

Also, brewery tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process, offering an educational and fascinating glimpse into the artistry of beer making. The presence of knowledgeable staff adds to the experience, as they are passionate about beer and always ready to share recommendations and insights. Additionally, breweries often host live events, such as music performances or trivia nights, which contribute to the vibrant and dynamic ambiance. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or simply looking for a fun and laid-back outing, a brewery offers a welcoming and enjoyable space to indulge in the pleasures of beer, connect with like-minded individuals, and create lasting memories.


Tulsa’s craft beer scene has flourished in recent years, offering a plethora of outstanding breweries for beer enthusiasts to explore. From the diverse tap list of High Gravity Brewing Company to the imaginative brews of Renaissance Brewing Co., each establishment on this list brings something unique to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer aficionado or just beginning your beer journey, the 10 Best Tulsa Breweries showcased in this article are sure to impress with their exceptional brews, inviting atmospheres, and dedication to the craft.

Related Questions

Can I visit multiple breweries in one day?
Absolutely! Tulsa’s breweries are conveniently located, allowing visitors to explore multiple establishments in a single outing. Plan your itinerary carefully to make the most of your brewery-hopping adventure.

Are these breweries family-friendly?
While the primary focus of these breweries is beer, many of them offer family-friendly environments. Some have designated areas for children, while others allow minors during specific hours. It’s always a good idea to check the individual brewery’s policies before visiting.

Do these breweries offer tours?
Several breweries on this list offer tours that provide insight into their brewing process and history. Check their websites or contact them directly to inquire about tour availability and schedules.

Can I purchase beer to take home?
Yes, many of these breweries have packaged beers available for purchase. Whether you’re looking for cans, bottles, or growlers, you’ll likely find a selection of their beers to enjoy at home.

Are these breweries involved in the local community?
Tulsa’s breweries actively engage with the local community through events, collaborations, and charitable initiatives. Supporting these breweries means supporting the vibrant beer culture in Tulsa.